Hotel-restaurant complex Skifiia

In Skifiia, we organize celebrations from 10 to 350 people in various locations according to your company. We employ professionals in their field, so we offer various formats of celebrations: - feast; - buffet table; - outbound catering. Various celebrations of birthdays, christenings, weddings, anniversaries, children's birthdays, gender parties, proms, corporate events, business dinners in "Skifiia" are becoming more interesting. To ensure that the celebration goes as well as possible, we employ a banquet manager who accompanies you from beginning organization of event to the moment of your positive feedback.

Pectoral hall

The best solution for chamber celebrations. The comfortable, warm and stylish interior sets the mood for rest and gives a feeling of comfort and peace. The hall is divided into zones, so you will be feeling comfortable celebrating in the company of 6 to 90 people. We have next zones: - zone under plates for up to 16 people; - the right and left zone, each of which has up to 34 people; - mirror niche area for up to 12 people. Our banquet manager will create a layout for the banquet based on your number of guests.

VIP room: Silver and Gold rooms

These halls are perfect for closed event celebration format. A special atmosphere of privacy and uniqueness of the celebration, stylish interior with elements of Scythia which provide atmosphere of authenticity and additional level of comfort for you and guests. A special thing in these locations is coziness which is created by everything in the rooms: warm shades of light, pleasant tones of decor and textiles, an acoustic system that creates relaxed and muted sound in the background. Also, in these rooms, it is possible to place a photo zone, a table for children or buffet table. The Golden Room accommodates up to 18 guests. The Silver Room accommodates up to 12 guests.

Gazebo yard

This is a location with amazing beauty and an atmosphere of privacy. In the evening, this place acquires a special charm: lanterns, the quiet sound of rustling trees around, pleasant music playing for guests/ The multi-functionality of the yard allows you to place a photo zone, buffet and live music inside the location. There is also a special menu which barbecue dishes. You can enjoy juicy meat, fish or vegetables just from the fire. Maximum capacity: - in the format of a banquet for up to 80 people; - in the format of a buffet for up to 100 people.


Everyone would agree that food and drinks taste better in the fresh air. Therefore, the summer covered terrace Skifiia is for your attention. A place where everything is made for your comfort: soft sofas and comfortable chairs for your company. An important thing is coziness, which reigns here, it is felt in all elements of decor. Our terrace consists of three parts, one of which can be closed only for your event. It accommodates up to 70 guests. Location is convenient, because it allows you place a photo zone and buffet.

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